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***************************************MEMBER IN NEED*********************************************

There is a fundraiser for Sister Sandra Caulderwood.
Chicken & Rib Night Fundraiser (BBQ 1/4 Chicken w/ Caesar Salad, Rice & Garlic Toast)
Tickets are $25.00 and can be purchased from Ally Allary @306-551-8638
Location: 4 Seasons 909E Arcola Avenue 306-525-8338
Date Friday May 12, 2017 between 6:00-9:00 p.m.

May 1 Public/Parent Forum.

The event will start at 6:30 at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre 2900 13th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan S4T 1N7. Please make this meeting a priority!

I have shared this event on facebook, if you have a facebook account, please friend request me, my name is Jacqueline Christianson on facebook. This has proven to be a very effect tool to communicate with members, at this point I have 230 members as friends, they have been able to keep up on all the changes our government has made in the Education sector.

As of April 28, 2017 you will hear two different types of radio ads from me (Z99, C95, CKOM, CJME), the first one is about the governments introduction and pending approval of Bill 63 which will allow our to government to make drastic changes to our education system, such as changing our school board boundaries and impeding the voices of parents, communities and elected school board trustees. Yes, I know all of us tried to stop the school board amalgamations, and keep elected school board trustees. The government said they listened, but in reality they didn't as all the changes can be done once Bill 63 is approved.

Thank you to our CUPE National Communications Representative, Tria Donaldson as she was able to update our "where’s the funding" website , the update now includes an additional new letter writing tool about our cuts and Bill 63. We can now use this tool to email Premier Brad Wall, Minister of Education, Don Morgan, and your own MLA. Please click on the following link, and please, please, please share widely with your friends, family, coworkers, etc... and ask them to send letters....

click here: http://wheresthefunding.ca

Time is of the essence here, and we need to send as many letters as possible as next week Bill 63 will be voted on....you can share your letter more than once, for example, write one to Brad Wall, Don Morgan and your personal MLA!
The second radio ad, is discussing an additional action from our government, they underfunded school divisions province wide by $54 million while increasing our education taxes by $67 million. The governments introduction and pending approval of Bill 48 will allow our government to divert our education taxes including the $67 million increase into their General Revenue Fund (GFR).
We know both these Bills are wrong as they negatively affect our children, workers and all taxpayers in the province!

The day following our special membership meeting on impending cuts, Regina Public Schools announced cuts to three pre-school programs (CPS, DPS and SCEP), changes to kindergarten and cuts to 1100 student's transportation.

This is just the beginning as those cuts only resulted in $3.1 million savings and an additional $6.4 million still needs to be found. In addition we are expecting an additional 575 new students to our schools and reduced government funding! This government has left school divisions no choice but to cut our children's programs and our services!

One additional note on the public/parent forum, the intent of the forum is to address the needs of all our children attending both Regina Public schools and Regina Catholic schools, we will not debate either school divisions constitutional rights. In other words, I will not allow our government distract us with a "holy" debate, when the real issues at hand are Bills 63 and 48.


General Membership Meeting Date Changed

Another update is that our next membership meeting will be held on May 9th at 7:00 p.m. in the Multicultural room at the board office....normally our meeting would have been held on May 2, but it has to be cancelled due to grievance presentations with the board on the evening of May 2. Thanks for being flexible with this date.
March 8, 2017 Rally at the Legislative Building

CUPE 3766 is pleased to share that one of our members was interviewed at the Rally. Make sure to check out the link below. Great job Valerie!


I thank the many who have already sent letters to their MLA's, and filled out the 3 petitions I asked you to sign. I'm sending you the links to the petitions again, and I'm asking you one final time, before the budget is released on March 22....if you've NOT filled out BOTH petitions, PLEASE DO SO NOW. Please note, I'm not yelling at you, only stressing the importance of everyone standing up for our children and our jobs! As previous emails stated, I can't do this alone, this executive cannot do this alone, it will take all 550 plus members to do this, and ask your family, friends, neighbours etc......Tuesday is our last day on these petitions....and it would be a beautiful sight if this government was overwhelmed by the responses. The links are as follows:

In response to the provincial government’s cuts, layoffs, threats of unpaid days off, and demanding public sector workers get a 3.5% pay cut, the SFL has created a letter that people can send to Premier Brad Wall telling him to stop the attack on public sector workers.
The letter is in support of the Own It! campaign, and can be found here:

Please go to the page, fill in your information, send a letter and then forward this email to anyone who might be interested.
From Larry Hubich President Saskatchewan Federation of Labour

The second petition needs a bit of explanation before you sign it. You will be asked to submit your first/last name, email/mailing addresses and postal code. These are the legalities when signing any petition. When you give this information on the links below (change.org), please unclick the boxes that state, "keep me updated on this campaign and other from CUPE Saskatchewan" and "display my name and comment on this petition" please note, you are not required to give any information on "I'm signing because" this is optional. Please click "sign".

It's important that you check our email within a few minutes after the above noted process, as the next step is on a 1 hour time limit. You will be notified by change.org via your email "just 1 more step", click the "log in". You will be notified that "you signed the" petition. You'll also see a notice that says, "Chip in $5 or more to help win this campaign", PLEASE DO NOT DONANTE ANY MONEY TO change.org as CUPE has already paid them for this service. One final note about signing petitions on change.org, you will receive other petitions to sign via your email. I simply delete the petitions, as I'm careful about choosing petitions to sign. Please sign as per your personal preference.
Here is the petition link:

The social media links to "where's the funding" campaign from the past week. Please watch the video from the leader post, Ashley Martin was wonderful! I'm grateful to the Leader-Post for producing this awesome video on front line education support workers message! It's about the kids! I hope Brad Wall wakes up, stop the cuts.

Check this one out!

Check out another one, FYI, I'm not an education rep, I'm a structured learning assistant.

Check it out:

This was the first one I did last Monday

One final medial outlet is the radio commercials have been playing since last Wednesday on C 95 (Saskatoon FM), Z 99 (Regina FM), CJME 980 (AM), and CKRM 620 (AM). We are still in the process of having the ads broadcasted on community radio. I've attached the files of the ads, so you can hear them.....in a few weeks I'll be running a new radio message, it will be our "Plan B".

Thank you



Homewood Health

Over the last month several members have requested information on our Homewood Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP).They provide service for us 24/7. This program cost you the member nothing, regardless if your contract is casual, temporary or permanent. Your Union pays the cost of this service on a per member/per month basis, regardless if our members and their families use the service or not. To clarify our collective agreement, the service that we have with Homewood is unlimited, this includes unlimited counseling services. If you need the service please call Homewood, and let them know that your a CUPE 3766 member. You can find contact information for Homewood within the Counselling Services link on the top menu.

Request For Submissions

Good afternoon, thank you to the 190 members who attended our Christmas Social at the Doubletree on November 29th. The evening was celebrated with good friends and great food! Congratulations to the four members who attended the event as we celebrated their 25 + years of service. We also gave out the Union incentive....which is a $50 cheque for members who attend 4 out of 5 general membership meetings in the 2015-2016 school year.

Our members generously opened their hearts and wallets by brining unwrapped gifts to fill the CJME's Santa's Anonymous barrel, we collected $60.62 of Canadian Tire Money for Regina Food for Learning and our members bought $394 of 50/50 tickets in addition the CUPE Health Care Council gave the Local a $100 donation, in total our local raised $494 for Souls Harbour. Our members also opened their closets as we collected 2 boxes of winter accessories to help keep some students warm over the winter season.

The Social Committee is not done working as Vicki Cheah-Delnea will be submitting a CUPE 3766 Christmas Social report to the RPS Staff Info. Vicki needs your help to complete the submission, she is requesting members who took pictures in front of the large Christmas tree, to please send her an electronic copy of the picture(s) to vicki.cheahdelnea@rbe.sk.ca

Member In Need Fundraiser

For more information:

CUPE Local 3766 Days of Work for the 2016/2017 School Year

Special Education Assistants, Teacher Associates, Developmental Classroom Assistants, Interpreters, Structured Learning Assistants, Food Services Assistants, Community School Nutrition Coordinators and Food Service Technicians are NOT required to work March 17, 2017, May 19, 2017 and June 30, 2017 and will be paid according to the 192 working days.

Administrative Assistants, Clerical Assistants, Resource Centre Assistants, and Braillists are NOT required to work on March 17, 2017, and will be paid according to the 194 working days.
Restraining Students Certification

If CUPE 3766 Members are instructed by their supervisors to restrain students without receiving the approved certification, please be cognitive of possible accidents, injuries and/or discipline resulting from the unauthorized use of restraints on students.
Cupe Local 3766 Resignations

If CUPE 3766 Members are contemplating resigning from their position in their schools, please contact your Shop Steward or President Jackie Christianson. Resignations are taken seriously and may only be rescinded within 24 hrs.
Postings and Applications for Internal Staffing

The postings and applications for internal staffing are now available on the RPS website. They can be found under the CAREERS section and you must be logged in to access them. You must go to www.rbe.sk.ca, click on "log in" in the upper right corner. Then on the far left, click on "careers" and there should be a link that will allow you to download the pdf's of the postings. The applications can be filled out and submitted directly from the website. Thanks!
Performance Evaluations

There has been an increase in the number of our members receiving performance evaluations that are not as satisfactory as our members felt they should have been. If you have concerns or questions about an evaluation that has been done or would like a copy of an evaluation form, please contact your school's shop steward. Your steward's contact information should be posed on a bulletin board at your school and is also on local's website: www.cupe3766.com.

Microsoft Home Office - Home Use Program

The Regina Board of Education offers a Microsoft Home Use Program permitting you to purchase Microsoft Office software for PC or Mac computers for a very reasonable price (approximately $11.00.) This is a one-time only offer from RBE. For more information or to take advantage of this program, please contact the boards IT department requesting the link to the Microsoft Home Use program. They will send a link to your RBE email account.

New Members / First Time Visitors

Please click on the About Us tab at the top of the page for a special welcome to CUPE 3766 and important information from President Jackie Christianson.

A Word of Caution When Using Social Media

Please use caution when using social media websites such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is a privilege to work with students, families and staff in our school system every day.

To avoid discipline and to maintain respectful relationships in schools we need to ensure the confidentially of all students, families and staff. Please make sure your comments/pictures/videos are appropriate. If in doubt, leave it out! Take care out there!

Employee Incident Report

If any member has an incident at school please fill out an Employee Incident Report. An incident is an event which COULD or DOES result in unintended harm or damage. You can find copies of Employee Incident Reports by clicking on the Forms tab above. You can also request a copy of this report from your principal and/or administrative assistant.

When filling out any school incident reports please ensure that a copy of the report for yourself and copies of your report are forwarded on to your principal, OH&S Committee at your school, and the manager of Workplace Health and Wellness. If you have any issues with this procedure, please contact Jackie Christianson, jackiechristianson@myaccess.ca

Continuation of Benefits Request Form - Important Information to Remember

If your doctor has requested for you not return to work and you've run out of banked sick days you may be considered on a leave of absence. You will receive a Continuation of Benefits Request Form. It must be filled out within 14 days.

Several members are placed in this situation every year. It is important for you to consider the form carefully, even if you're not currently in this situation. The form gives you options into paying or not paying for the following benefits: Pension, LTD, Extended Health & Dental and Life Insurance.

It's important to factor in that some of these benefits are very expensive, in particular on a reduced income. However, a few of the benefits are relatively in-expensive, for example the LTD and life Insurance Benefits.

You may choose not pay into these benefits due to your current situation, but if your situation changes; you may require one of these benefits and will no longer have an option of accessing the benefits. Once you choose to not pay into your benefits, your decision is final.

Please contact your Shop Steward, Jackie Christianson or Jo-ann Hincks (306-523-3034) if you require assistance in making decisions on your benefits.

When Calling a Sub

As of April 1, 2016, all leaves must be entered through the Atrieve Employee Self Service HR and Payroll System. If the leave is not entered through Atrieve it will be listed as un-paid leave. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact your school and ask your administrator to submit your leave request through the Atrieve system. Prior to submitting the following information, you must log into the Atrieve system to register your leave online. You may request casual/sub coverage when you are absent by calling 306-546-2088. When you call the sub-number, you will be required to provide the following information:

Whether you are a Teacher or a Teaching Assistant (if an assistant, indicate the amount of hours you work)
The first day the sub is required (a.m. p.m. or full day coverage)
Employee number
Name (first and last)
School or schools you work at
Specialized programs or areas you work in
Reason for absence
Any other additional days you require a sub along with the reasons for each request.

Employee and Family Assistance Provider

Homewood Solutions has been selected as our Employee Assistance provider; they can be reached, 24/7 at 1.800.663.1142

For more information : http://www.cupe3766.com/components.php?comp=contentmanager&op=getfile&sop=56

Pension Website

Please check the Regina Civic Employees' Pension Plan website http://www.reginapensions.ca. While there, check out the Member's area with Member Handbook section (for contibuting members), the 'Reading Your Statement' section, Pensioners section, Administration, and News sections. All kinds of valuable information regarding your pension is just a few clicks away.

FYI - Mileage Claims

If you travel between schools in your school day you are able to claim mileage as per our collective agreement. This would include members who have two half time contracts. Please contact your shop steward for further information.

Personal E-mail Loop and Shop Stewards: A Message from President Jackie Christianson

We are starting new with the personal email loop again. There are several new members in our system and several members who have resigned/retired. It is very difficult keeping up with these changes without your help!

Could one person in each school please check with our members in their school and ask if I have their email address? If our members do not wish to give out their personal email address, please make a list of their names and the email addresses you that you were able to get from our members and forward this information on to me at jackiechristianson@myaccess.ca

This seems to be the most effective way to communicate, along with our web-site, and then everyone should be informed of important information. Hope everyone is having a "smooth transition" into the new school year. Please let your shop stewards know if there are any concerns you have. They are very willing to help!

For a new list of shop stewards and their schools/email addresses, please check your school bulletin board for the list and/ or our web-site at www.cupe3766.com. Click on the "shop stewards" box. I really appreciate your help in this matter!

Contacting Fellow Union Members

Many pages on this website provide email addresses for members to contact if you have questions or concerns.

PLEASE NOTE: when contacting fellow union members regarding union business, please use your PERSONAL E-MAIL AND COMPUTER. RBE has full access to any e-mails you send on their e-mail and computers, therefore, there is no privacy. ALSO: personal use of the RBE computers on the employers time could be grounds for discipline.


Welcome to Cupe Local 3766

Welcome to the Cupe Local 3766 Website! Updates are always coming so check back often!

if you have any website ideas, suggestions, concerns: please click on the Contact Us info above.
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