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CUPE Local 3766 Counselling Service
All CUPE Local 3766 members have access to confidential and professional counselling services provided by Homewood Solutions

All discussions are kept in complete confidence. Regina Public Schools and CUPE Local 3766 are not given names of clients who use Homewood Solutions, we are invoiced numbers to pay for the services.

When should you use Homewood Solutions?

o Having difficulty coping with stress
o Facing personal, financial, marital or family problems
o Experiencing emotional trauma; want to make changes in how you relate to others
o Experiencing a need to make changes in your energy and enthusiasm for your professional direction
o Experiencing problems from substance abuse or compulsive disorders
o Marital
o Family
o Relationships
o Anxiety
o Depression
o Addictions
o Stress
o Life transitions/change
o Other personal issues

Contact Homewood Solutions, 24/7 at 1-800-663-1142

* Please note that Homewood provides counseling services to our members and to our family members. Your Union dollars pay for these services therefore there is NO cost to our members! Homewood also offers website services. Please check out the Homewood website for more information. www.homewoodhealth.com

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